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Inclement Weather 

Practices and games will go on during rain, so long as field conditions allow, and in line with the  Lightning Policy set forth by the Vermont Soccer Association, which can be found here.  



Program Cancellations
Morrisville Soccer Club reserves the right to cancel or consolidate any programs that do not meet the minimum participation number required.  A full refund will be issued if a program is cancelled and you will be notified if a program is being consolidated with the option to agree to participate or to request a refund.  All registered participants will be notified by email of any changes or cancellations to any of the programs.

Program Refunds
In the event that a participant cancels out of a program, refunds will be handled as stated below.  If you have an outstanding balance, the refund will be automatically applied to that balance. Refund payments may take approximately three weeks to process.


  • If Cancellation is made prior to Registration Deadline:  A Morrisville Soccer Club Processing Fee of $10.00 will be deducted from the refund.  The remaining amount will be refunded.


  • If Cancellation is made after Registration Deadline: No Refund will be given. 


Player Responsibilities:

  • Players are expected to attend all practices and games, unless they notify the coach ahead of time.  This is a necessary courtesy, as practices and game line-ups are planned before hand.

  • Players are expected to be on time for practices and games.

  • Players will conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen, and show good sportsmanship at all times when representing their team both on and off the field.

  • Off Field:  Appropriate behavior will be expected at the fields, gathering places, in automobiles traveling to and from events, and in preparation for team activities at home or away.

  • On Field:  Players will respect each other and their rivals, coaches and officials.  Players will abide by the rules of play, and the players’ code of conduct as set forth by MSC. 

  • Following games either won or lost, shaking hands with the other team will be orderly and devoid of any poor sportsmanship.

  • Any violation of the above on and off-field expectations may result in immediate disciplinary action based on the MSC Board guidelines.



A player exhibiting disrespectful behavior, who behaves in a disruptive manner, refuses to cooperate with their coaches and/or teammates, or attempts to injure another player will be disciplined in a progressive manner generally following these guidelines:

The coach will: 

  1. Explain to the player why their action is not acceptable. 

  2. Ask the player to sit out a period of time on the players’ bench. 

  3. Remove the player from the game or practice for the remainder of that game or practice. 

  4. If a discipline problem persists, a parent conference will be held with the coach and the Board members.

  5. If a player is repeatedly disruptive before, during, or after any practice and/or game, that player will be placed on a period of probation for a period determined by the MSC Board.  During that time period, the player must be accompanied and closely supervised by their parent/guardians, while at all practices/games.  If the player’s behavior is acceptable during this period, the player will be taken off probation.  If not, a meeting with the parents/guardians, player, coach, and MSC Board will be held to determine appropriate action, including possible removal from the program.

At all times it is up to the coach’s discretion if an infraction is such that a more severe penalty is warranted immediately.  Such immediate penalty shall not extend further than removal

from the playing field until a parent/guardian consultation is conducted.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Make sure that your child has all necessary equipment for practices and games.

  • Support the team, team manager, coaches and officials.

  • Tell your child what behavior is acceptable and what is not.

  • Be positive at all times.

  • Be respectful of the officials, coaches, and players of both teams.

  • Many of the officials are in training, much like your child.  Please give them the respect and encouragement they need to become the experienced referees of the future.

  • Please do not be a “side-line coach”.   It only serves as a distraction to your child, and undermines the coach’s authority.  If you have suggestions about strategy of skill development,

  • please save them for after the game.  And by all means, work with your child at home and help develop their skills.

  • If the coaches or officials feel that your behavior is inappropriate, a member of the MSC Board may approach you about it.  If it continues, you may be asked to leave the premises.

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